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Falcon uav
According to foreign media reports, at the 2019 National Day military parade held on October 1, some of the new systems made their debut, with some of the most influential being various unmanned aerial vehicles/uavs /UCAV. In recent years, the Chinese military has also introduced a variety of new drones, some of which are similar to their foreign counterparts. This marks a useful time to review some of the PLA's uavs and the future development of PLA uavs may be held.Medium-altitude long-endurance uavs can be called unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), which operate at a height of less than 9000 meters and can fly for up to 24 hours or longer with relatively long endurance. These drones are often powered by propellers rather than jet engines. Internationally renowned drones include mq-1 and mq-9 in the United States or the heron system in Israel. The PLA's male drone fleet currently in service consists of three main types. The bzk-005 is a dual-boom drone believed to be in service with the people's liberation army navy and air force, possibly known as the "sea eagle" and "giant eagle" respectively. It is equipped with a photoelectric (EO) turntable that appears to be its main sensor. The bzk-005 also made an appearance at Japan's failed world war ii military parade in 2015. The gj-1 and gj-2 are capable male strike drones, domestic in-service variants of the original export-oriented ronglong 1 and ronglong 2 systems. The gj-1 and gj-2 are both equipped with photoelectric turrets and have the capability to launch small air-to-ground missiles, the kd-9/10 laser-guided anti-tank missile (ATGM) family.As a large aircraft, the gj2 is capable of carrying larger payloads and is also thought to be equipped with a chin-mounted synthetic aperture radar to further enhance target acquisition. The gj-1 and gj-2 are considered the mq-1 and mq-9 equivalents of the PLA, respectively. The gj-2 was presented at the 2019 National Day military parade. Unfortunately, the total number of bzk-005s, gj-1s and gj-2s in service is unknown, but is certainly much lower than the number of male drones in service. High-altitude long-endurance uav is a kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), whose working altitude is close to 18000 meters. However, like male drones, there is no universal definition for either HALE or male drones. Hale drones tend to be powered by jet engines and tend to be more expensive and relatively larger than their male counterparts. The best-known international hale unmanned systems will be the U.S. RQ/ mq-4 global hawk and Triton series. The people's liberation army operates one of the main types of hale uavs, which have been variously named over the years, including feilong, ea-03 and wz-7. This piece will use the name wz-7. The plane has a unique box - shaped wing design, twin tails and a back - mounted jet engine. Some photos of the prototype wz-7 being tested appeared around 2012; However, photographs of the aircraft in service taken from the ground remain elusive. The aircraft's service status has been confirmed over the past few years by satellite images that show the wz-7s deployed at different air bases across China, such as in Tibet during the 2017 dokram standoff with India, and in the south China sea. Nine wz-7s were recently seen at an air base facing the Korean peninsula in jilin province.